Detroit Boyz Rock

Detroit Boys Rock

Detroit Boys Rock is an initiative of The Association for Youth Empowerment (AYE).

This initiative is dedicated creating a world where young black men and boys are empowered to create a life of their own design. Through workshops, facilitated sessions and other transformational programs this initiative will create a world for our young black men and boys such that:

  • They are empowered and in action in creating a positive life of their own choosing.
  • They are aware and inspired by their own personal magnificence and know that what the world tells them they should be is not who they are.
  • They are clear that their own life has meaning and a purpose and they are the ones who get to define that.
  • They are clear that they have a role that is necessary and vital in their community, in their family and are responsible for maintaining that role.
  • They create transformation partnerships and friendships that move themselves and their communities forward
  • They are clear they matter and that it matters that THEY succeed.

And because of that, the following will exist:

  • There is a new found appreciation for fatherhood and what it brings, young men know that when they become fathers, their role is indispensable
  • Mothers and fathers experience a sense of partnership in raising children and are responsible for always working together positively to maintain that partnership
  • Detroit neighborhoods experience being safe, warm and inviting
  • Senseless violence is a thing of the past and Detroit is the best place in the World for a child to grow up in.


  • To empower and to challenge communities to reach out to young black men and empower and challenge them to use their talents and gifts to make their community a better place
  • To bring to communities’ transformational workshops and other programs that empower young black men in their own personal journey
  • Support our young black men in that journey to get over the hurdles and roadblocks they will face
    To challenge the community to create a space for young black men in which they can grow up and provide a transformed world for future children.
  • To reflect and support the principles and beliefs of AYE


  • To sponsor and support participation in programs that empower young black boys and men
  • Co-ordinate with other organizations in a way that support the purpose of the initiative
  • To make schools, families, churches and communities aware of available programs and their benefits
  • To support schools, families, churches and communities in doing these programs so they have a big impact and are set up for sustainability
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