Detroit Boyz Rock

Detroit Boys Rock

Detroit Boys Rock is an initiative of The Association for Youth Empowerment (AYE).

This initiative is dedicated to creating a world where young black men and boys are empowered to create and define for themselves what being a man is.

Through workshops, facilitated sessions and other transformational programs this initiative will create a world for our young black men and boys such that:

  • They are empowered and in action in creating a positive life of their own choosing and design and empower themselves to constantly challenge the ”norm”
  • They are acutely aware of and inspired by their own personal magnificence and know that what the world tells them they should be is not who they are.
  • They are clear that their own life has meaning and a purpose and, accordingly are clear that they have a role that is necessary and vital in their community, in their family and are responsible for maintaining, developing and expanding that role.
  • They create transformational partnerships and friendships that move themselves and their communities forward
  • They are clear they matter and that they are needed and valued

And because of that, the following will exist:

  • There is a new found appreciation for fatherhood and manhood and what it brings, young men know that their role is indispensable in their communities
  • Communities experience a sense of partnership and see value in uplifting their young men and are responsible for always working together positively to maintain that partnership
  • Detroit communities will know and appreciate the value of young black males and see them as vital to the city’s re-birth
  • There will be a disruption to the “normal” in the lives of young black men and in turn the communities around them. They will not view the “way things are” as “the way things will always be”.
  • Young black men will develop healthy friendships,partnerships and relationships that will continuously cause and support them to move positively forward


  • To empower and to challenge communities to reach out to young black men and empower and challenge them to use their talents and gifts to make their community a better place
  • To bring to communities’ transformational workshops and other programs that empower young black men in their own personal journey
  • Support our young black men in that journey to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks they will face
  • To challenge the community to be a space for young black men where their value is recognized, appreciated and demanded
  • To reflect and support the principles and beliefs of this initiative and AYE


  • To sponsor and support participation in programs that empower young black boys and men
  • To empower young men to create topics/sessions and activities that interest them and also move the initiative vision forward in a way that maintains a sustained interest and achieves defined objectives
  • Co-ordinate with other organizations in a way that support the purpose of the initiative
  • To engage with schools, families, churches and communities aware to see how we can support their young men to redefine themselves

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