Financial Peace Initiative

This AYE initiative is based on Dave Ramsey youth course using a seminar approach but facilitated and sponsored by AYE.   AYE works with communities, for example the Better Detroit Youth Movement to help youth understand the life skills of personal financial responsibility.   Why is this seminar important to our youth?   70% of Americans live ‘paycheck to paycheck’ which means little or no savings. The AYE course objectives are to enable the understanding and application of Ramsey financial principles of wealth building via the:

  1. Baby Steps Chart.  Each student would customize the baby steps for their life with projected complete dates.
  2. Debt reduction Plan (if you have credit card debt).  This is Baby step 2: Pay off all debt (except the house) utilizing the debt snowball process.  Ramsey does not recommend consolidating credit cards even if they have a lower interest rate.   One reason is the consolidation would extend the time you owe the whole amount rather than pay off each credit card (lowest amount to highest).
  3. Written Cash Flow Plan. This is the major input into creating a monthly budget.
  4. Written Monthly Budget.  Used to instill the behavior change needed to create wealth.

This program enables youth to transform their relationship to money.  It is practical and teaches youth how to…

  • avoid going into debt, how to stay out of debt and how to build wealth
  • get control of their money so they can avoid the struggle of making ends meet.
  • Provide the guidance on how to build wealth  instead being a slave to debt (e.g., banks, car loans, credit cards….).

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