Emerging Leaders Showcase

The Emerging Leaders initiative provides a symposium for leaders in the midst of new work that is positively impacting the lives of youth. It is AYE’s newest initiative, developed as a response to the need to use virtual tools that have become our lifelines since COVID-19.

In partnership with the Better Detroit Youth Movement, this initiative provides a venue for metro Detroit region’s emerging leaders to gain exposure for some wonderful work while granting AYE’s community members and supporters an opportunity to contribute to raising the seed money for the work. 

How are we defining “Emerging Leaders”? 

People who are creating or growing their leadership. They don’t have to be young people. And if they are not a young person, whatever they are up to is contributing to the lives of young people. Leaders who are in the midst of new work that is impacting the lives of youth.

  • Emerging: Someone who is demonstrating initiative, who involves themselves and others in this process. If we invested in them, they could show even greater results. The “Emerging” can refer to the person, or to the work. 
  • Leader: Someone who starts or initiates a program to the betterment of individuals or communities.

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