Freedom Links Proposal

Freedom Links Case for Action

Two Articles to Read at First:

1.5Million Missing Black Men

How one Chicago principal is leaning on data to help black boys

In the New York Times article, this quote says it all as to why we need to focus on young black men BEFORE they reach teenage years: “(At Birth) The gender gap does not exist in childhood: There are roughly as many African-American boys as girls. But an imbalance begins to appear among teenagers, continues to widen through the 20s and peaks in the 30s. It persists through adulthood.”

Other articles point out to the cultural factors that begin to pull on young black men as they reach their teen age years.

If nothing is done to address this, then this gap in availability and life outcomes will persist, impacting our communities and our families.

Freedom Links represents the first sponsored activity of Detroit Boyz Rock to impact the culture. One of the intentions this initiative is that for our young men, there will be a disruption to the “normal” in their lives and in turn the communities around them. They (and the community) will not view the “way things are” as “the way things will always be”.


  • The goal is to sponsor 20 young black males to participate in a course of The First Tee
  • Target Age for participants is from age 10 to 14
  • AYE will fund a minimum of half of the cost of the enrollment costs (estimated at $600.00)
  • Timing is to be in the Late May/Early June time frame, depending upon availability of coaches

So why GOLF:

Golf is a sport where Integrity, Honesty and Respect are values in which are core to the game.

In golf you must

  • Integrity: Show up on time and be ready to play
  • Honesty: You are required to be fully honest about how you played (i.e. if you lost a ball, you need to be able to call that penalty on yourself, even when no one else is watching)
  • Respect:When others are taking their swing, you must not only be quiet and allow them to focus, but perhaps help them by telling them where their ball went.
  • Be a demand that others act the same way.

If we were to imbue that spirit within our young men, not only is this a game changer for communities and families and the outcomes of Detroit Boyz Rock will  be realized, which are:

  • There is a new found appreciation for fatherhood and manhood and what it brings,young men know that their role is indispensable in their communities
  • Communities experience a sense of partnership and see value in uplifting their young men and are responsible for always working together positively to maintain that partnership
  • Detroit communities will know and appreciate the value of young black males and see them as vital to the city’s and the communities re-birth
  • There will be a disruption to the “normal” in the lives of young black men and in turn the communities around them. They will not view the “way things are” as“the way things will always be”.
  • Young black men will develop healthy friendships,partnerships and relationships that will continuously cause and support them to move positively forward


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