December 5th Challenge Day

Let Us Be A Part of Change!

We  request that you support the upcoming Community Challenge Day being sponsored by the coalition of AYE (the Association for Youth Empowerment), DION (Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network) and BDYM (the Better Detroit Youth Movement).

Here’s the deal … On December 5, 2015, we will bring together 100+ people, of different ethnic backgrounds, races and religions ~ most of whom are complete strangers to each other. By the end of the day, because of the groundbreaking nature of the Challenge Day, attendees will experience community AND the possibility of a new future for our region.

We say that overcoming the separation AND BREAKING DOWN THE STEREOTYPES is the first step in experiencing our neighbors as ourselves ~ which we say is the key to making Detroit the city of our dreams. Challenge Days break down stereotypes!

Please join us! Registering to attend the Challenge Day on December 5th is easy. Just click here.

If you can’t join us, please donate to support out efforts. Just click here.

Here are 3 video clips that share the impact of Challenge Day. Leeza Gibbons’ and Marianne Williamson’s videos are less than 3 minutes long and Oprah’s is 8 minutes long.

Please check out one – or all – of the videos, and then follow your heart.
Leeza Gibbons / Teen Files ~
Oprah and MTV Endorse Challenge Day ~
Marianne Williamson endorsing Challenge Day ~

Please call Pandy Kemp at 313-492-7702 or David Abramson at 734-646-2274 if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Thank you very much! It’s an honor and privilege to serve the community with you